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    Chimney services are extremely important for a well-running home and chimney system. Chimneys have a very important task of removing harmful fumes from your home and properly venting fumes outside. If your chimney is not properly maintained every year, issues can occur. When looking for the most reliable and professional chimney service in Leawood, Kansas, look no further than Overland Park Chimney. We are dedicated our customers and the safety of your family. We understand the importance of clean and efficient chimneys. This is why we offer multiple services exclusively for our customers. These important services include… 

    Chimney Inspections

    Inspections are key to a well-functioning home. Our professional technicians are able to diagnosis an issue before it because a problem. We are specialized in detecting hidden issues. Detecting hidden issues is key to avoiding future issues.

    Chimney Cleaning/ Chimney Sweeping

    Cleaning your chimney on an annual basis is the best way to remove soot and creosote. Cleaning your chimney removes harmful substance and prevents flue fires from occurring inside of your chimney. Your chimney must be properly ventilated without clogs or blockages. This is why it is very important to avoid pests, weather damage and other interferences.

    Chimney Caps

    Chimney caps keep out pests, animals, water and weather damage. Chimney caps are essential for your chimney’s safety. The chimney caps come in both stainless steel and copper. Each homeowner can decide which type they prefer. We install chimney caps with expert care and service. We always install according to safety standards. We guarantee high-quality performance for our customers.

    Chimney Repairs/ Services

    Chimney repairs are very important for optimal chimney function. Some of the most common repairs include cap crowns, flashing, waterproofing and brick repair. Cap crowns protect masonry from rain and debris. Another common repair is brick masonry repair. Brick repair is needed as a result of weather exposure, age and natural wear and tear. For this reason it is very important to repair the brick as needed to keep your chimney strong and durable.

    Waterproofing provides freeze and thaw damage protection. Protecting your chimney from freeze and thaw damage is the best way to prevent future issues. Prevention is the best cure, and at Overland Park Chimney we do prevention better than anyone else. Flashing prevents water from entering your home. If you see water stains on your ceiling, your home is not adequately protected from rain and snow. Our team of dedicated professionals are ready to rectify this issue for you in a timely manner with our services and treatments.

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    Starting on your chimney maintenance today is effortless. Contacting us is the best way to care for your chimney longterm. When you're looking for a service that truly cares for your chimney's performance, Overland Park Chimney is the only choice in the Leawood, Kansas, area. We will come to your home at a time that is most convenient for you. Our team is professional and always gives you accurate information about the health of your chimney and repairs for ultimate safety.