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    Overland Park Chimney is the best chimney services located near Mission Hills, Kansas. Chimney services are extremely important for ensuring your chimney is running optimally. We offer competitively priced chimney inspection serviceschimney sweepingchimney cleaning and more. Our team of dedicated experts understand how to care for your chimney and which annual services need to preformed. There are countless reasons why you may need a chimney expert for your home. Some of the most common reasons for chimney service include.

    Chimney Caps

    Chimney caps can come in copper or stainless steel. They help protect your home from sparks and embers. They keep out rain (moisture issues) and animals such as birds. They are a great way to protect your chimney.

    Chimney Cleaning

    Chimney cleaning is essential for high performance. Cleaning your chimney removes soot and creosote. Smoke is much more likely to backdraft into your home when your chimney is not clean. Cleaning the chimney reduces the risk of carbon monoxide fumes and exhaust issues. Cleaning your chimney prevents flue fires from occurring. Flue fires inside of your chimney can be devastating. Cleaning helps prevent this. Chimney cleaning also removes odors and keeps your home fresh.

    Chimney Inspection

    Chimney inspections are essential for ensuring your chimney is running safely for your family. Often times homeowners don’t know there is an issue before it is too late. Chimney inspection prevents this.

    Chimney Repairs

    Chimney repairs are important for all parts of the chimney including the cap, brick masonry, crown caps, liners and more.

    These are the most common services we offer for our clients. We have experience with all types of chimneys including brick, prefab and stone masonry. Chimney repairs and installation boost the value of your home similar to any upgrade does. A well-running chimney is ideal for new homeowners when you are selling. Whether you are buying, remodeling or maintaining your home, chimney services are essential.

    Overland Park Chimney has years and years of experience working with repairs. We understand the importance of repairing your chimney in a timely manner with expert service. Finding the right chimney service in Mission Hills, Kansas is simple, easy and convenient. Our craftsmanship and service is top quality compared to other chimney service companies. We only use the highest-quality materials for repairs and installations.

    It is important to recognize the services that help keep your home running. Chimneys are an essential part of a home due to their ability to remove toxic substances made from combustion. These are hazardous and noxious gasses that have to be removed from your home. This is the job of your chimney. Without a clean chimney, these harmful gasses will not be eliminated properly. One of the most important functions of your chimney is to remove carbon monoxide from your home. 

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