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    When searching for the most reputable, reliable, experienced and professional chimney service near Prairie Village, there is only one option that truly delivers. Overland Park Chimney assists clients for their chimney maintenance with full satisfaction. Some of the main advantages of Overland Park Chimney include…

    Chimney Repairs/ Installations

    Repairing a chimney may be needed for many reasons. Whether its age, wear and tear or malfunction, chimney repairs are needed to keep your home safe. Some of the most common repairs and installations we do include caps, crown caps, brick repair, waterproofing, flashing, flue liners and more. Caps are very important parts of your chimney. They keep out all types of animals and weather conditions that could affect your home. Keeping your home free of pests, animals and water damage is very important. The caps are made of coper or stainless steel which are both high-quality, sturdy metals.

    Brick masonry repair is important for spalling. Tuck-pointing may be needed to rectify the issue. If your brick is severely damaged, chimney rebuilding is the only way to salvage it. Our experts are fully trained and experienced to deal with this. We also feature waterproofing which involves protecting your chimney from freeze/ thaw damage. Chimney flashing ensures water does not enter your home via the roof. If you see water marks on your ceiling, this is one prime indication that your chimney is not fully protected against snow and rain. One of our team members will be glad to assist you in this process.

    A flue liners carries the exhaust from your fireplace outside. This is an essential feature of the liner. If the liner is defective, it may cause heat, fumes and fire to reach your home. We are experienced in installing high-quality liners that prevent this from occurring in the first place.

    Chimney Cleaning

    Cleaning your chimney annually is strongly advised by the CSIA. Cleaning your chimney annually will prevent build up of soot and creosote. Cleaning your chimney will also eliminate odors, toxic chemicals and extend the life of your chimney. By maintaining your chimney, you will need less repairs in the future. Chimney cleaning will prevent flue fires from occurring. When the chimney is clogged with debris, it will not function properly.

    Chimney Inspection

    Chimney inspection is the best way to ensure your chimney is safe for your family. Inspection gives you peace of mind that all parts of the chimney are working perfectly. The ventilation function of your chimney is very important, which is why annual inspections are key. Inspections are also beneficial for identifying missing caps. This is something that can be evaluated during your initial appointment. Chimney inspections are perfect for diagnosing any issues you may be experiencing with your chimney, as well as detecting hidden problems. Often times there may be an issue lingering, but it hasn’t become apparent yet. We prevent hazards from occurring by carefully and thoroughly inspecting your chimney. 

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    Our goal is to provide outstanding services in Prairie Village, Kansas. We are dedicated to our customers and all of their chimney repairs, installations and inspections.