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Chimney Inspection

Chimney inspections are scheduled mostly during the chimney sweeping/cleaning. The inspection should be done regularly to avoid any serious or costly troubles that you may not have foreseen. There are three levels of inspection.

Chimney Cleaning

Trying to clean the chimney alone can be dangerous, as the Chimney contains soot and other debris that could be harmful to your health. It has been shown that litter and ashes can cause breathing problems and injuries.

Chimney Relining

What is the Importance of Chimney Relining? A properly functioning chimney should be your overall goal. Chimney liners offer adequate protection to your house from any incidences of fire and any subsequent destruction.

Chimney Caps

There are several different types of chimney caps to choose from. The options for chimney caps include black chimney caps, copper chimney caps and stainless steel chimney caps.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

While there are some people who choose the do-it-yourself alternative to clean and maintain their dryer vents, it is advisable that the entire cleaning process is handled by an expert. Here are several benefits you will gain by ensuring your dryer vent is regularly cleaned by a professional

Chimney Maintenance

With gas stoves and wood-burning furnaces, a chimney comes in hand. Chimneys are usually long and vertical openings that allow smoke and soot to dissipate into the air. The chimneys are located on the roof or, at times, the walls of a building.

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