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There are several different types of chimney caps to choose from. The options for chimney caps include black chimney caps, copper chimney caps, and stainless steel chimney caps.

All types of chimney caps are effective at keeping out animals and rain. The cap is extremely effective for ensuring rain does not enter the attic or any other area of the home.

We offer different sizes of chimney caps and styles for our customers to select from. 

Every chimney is different, therefore the caps will vary in size, style, and material. The most important factor for installation is high-quality, sturdy caps. Our suppliers only source the highest-quality material for cap constriction.

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The Many Benefits of Chimney Caps

Chimney caps not only prevent animals and rain from entering your home, but they also prevent downdrafts from affecting your home. Downdrafts can cause your home to fill up with smoke. In areas that are prone to high winds, this can be especially dangerous. Your home will become much more energy-efficient with the use of a chimney cap. Cold air will not be able to enter your home when a chimney cap has been installed.

As stated previously, birds and other animals are attracted to chimneys. The main reason for this is due to their warmth. Birds will make a nest in a chimney that does not have a cap. This will cause major obstruction to the chimney and clog it. Other animals can enter uncapped chimneys including raccoons and squirrels. These animals are pests and will cause an issue with your home. Wild animals can die if they are trapped in the chimney which can cause a decaying odor and other infestations. Wild animals are known to carry harmful diseases, bacteria and pathogens. To avoid this scenario altogether, installing a chimney cap is the best protection possible.

Another benefit of chimney caps is their wire mesh. The wire mesh is a spark deflector which is extremely important for dry areas such as Kansas. 

How Chimney Caps are Made

Chimney caps can be made out of a few different materials. As stated previously, we offer black chimney caps, copper chimney caps, and stainless steel chimney caps. Authentic copper and stainless steel are used in the manufacturing process. The process of manufacturing is always taken seriously. We only work with the highest quality suppliers to provide you with the best final product. The metal must be of industrial-grade to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Just to put the situation into perspective, chimney caps experience the outdoor climate at all times. From rain to intense sun, your chimney caps endure it all. This is why the construction of the cap must be substantial and tested for effectiveness and safety. The mesh on the chimney cap allows for proper airflow but also prevents all types of animals from entering. Without the mesh feature of the cap, animals would easily be able to enter your chimney.

Copper and stainless steel are both metals that are known to resist deterioration. This makes them long-lasting options for chimney cap protection. One of the main benefits of the caps is their longevity. With high-quality construction, black chimney caps, copper chimney caps, and stainless steel chimney caps are 100% guaranteed to be effective.

The Process of Installation

The process of installing a chimney cap must be done with care and expertise. This is why our team members are expertly trained to treat and care for your chimney. We understand how the chimney works and how to prevent pest and water damage to your home. The installation process begins with the highest quality caps from our suppliers. We understand the importance of a sturdy cap that will keep out unwanted pests and harsh weather conditions.

How to Care for Chimney Caps

Properly caring for your chimney cap is extremely important to ensure they last for decades. Caring for chimney caps is crucial for preventing debris and build-ups. There are a few ways to achieve this. During your annual chimney inspection visit, it is important to have the caps checked. The main goal during the inspection is to ensure that your cap is free of built-up debris. One of our experienced technicians will be happy to assist you with your annual chimney inspection.

Chimney cap inspection is very important, even for those who do not use their fireplace on a consistent basis. The cap can still accumulate debris, even without regular fireplace use. Our skilled technicians are able to evaluate your cap during the visit and assure you it is clean and running optimally. 

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