Chimney Inspection

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Chimney inspections are scheduled mostly during the chimney sweeping/cleaning.

The inspection should be done regularly to avoid any serious or costly troubles that you may not have foreseen.
There are three levels of inspection.

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Level 1 Inspection
The most common type of inspection is the Level 1 inspection. It is most appropriate if you have used your fireplace a couple of times and have never experienced any with it. 

Our Experienced chimney technician from Overland Park Chimney examines the readily accessible portions of your chimney at this level. Meaning the technician performs a visual inspection by the use of a flashlight, looking at all areas of your chimney and flue that can be seen without using any special tools. However, tools common such as a screwdriver or pliers may be used in the process in any openings. He will carefully do this by examining and ensuring no finish or structure is damaged. 

Portions of the chimney exterior and interior and all the accessible portions of the appliance and chimney connection will be examined.

In this level of inspection, our technician will ensure that there are no obstructions or combustible items in your chimney that you have not noticed, the basic structure of the fireplace is intact, and there are no signs of damage.

Level 2 inspections

In case you are planning to make a change in the way you use your chimney level 2 inspection is in need. The changes can be if you are planning to reline the flue or, change the type of fuel or wood.

Level 2 inspection is also done in case you have experienced a chimney fire, an earthquake, or a building fire. Moreover, if Level 2 inspection had been done because you wanted to change the way you use your chimney and then a fire took place, the inspection must be done again.

Level 2 is more detailed as compared to level 1. Our Experienced technician from Overload Park Chimneys starts by examining the fireplace and the chimney as in Level 1. Some more examining is done, including attic and crawlspace examination. To check the flue, cracks, or any damaged joints is done using a video camera. At this level, our technician will not remove any part of the structure or permanent damage caused to your chimney.

Level 3 inspection
This is the most detailed type of inspection. It is mainly done in case serious damage to the chimney is suspected. Our Inspectors, in this case, may have to remove a certain part of the chimney or structure to solve the problem found.

Chimney Leaks
Have you noticed any leaking in your chimney?

The following are some reasons that can cause your chimney to start leaking.

Rain going straight in from the top in case your chimney does not have a cover. Our Experienced masons can ensure that you get a chimney cover for your chimney. This can also help to keep birds, animals, and debris out.

Chimneys leaking from the inside out from condensation; We can solve this for you by fixing a chimney liner for you inside the chimney.

Apart from the above reasons, during the inspection when we notice any causes of leaking or leaky chimneys our experts usually that this is solved and you do experience such problems in the future.

Chimney repairs

Overland Park Chimneys offers expert repair to your Chimneys to ensure the safe operation of your fireplace.
These include. 
Firebox rebuilding Replacement of broken bricks Seals coating to prevent water infiltration. Repairing of the chimney crown. Smoke chamber parging and smoke chamber parging Masonry repair work -Age and weather events such as gale-force winds do affect even the strongest of chimneys. When you discover that your chimney is showing signs of wear and tear, or through the system, there is crumbling and cracking, get in contact with Overland Park Chimney we will ensure that our expert masons will repair your chimney and thus add more age to it. Repair and installation of the chimney flashing system. Fireplace throat damper and top-sealing chimney damper repair and installation. Chimney rebuilding in case the chimney has suffered severe damage is the solution. If your chimney is leaning to one side, if large sections of bricks are missing, if the water is flowing through big cracks in the mortar joints and causing serious decomposition, Overland Park Chimney will ensure that the chimney has been partly or completely rebuilt and it can continue to be used as it was before.

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On a cold night in your home, the fireplace brings warmth and comfort. However, as homeowners, it is vital for us to never take this comfort and safety for granted. Always ensure that that your chimney goes through all the levels of inspections to avoid any safety or costly problems that you would have experienced in case this was not done. At Overland Park Chimneys, we have certified chimney inspectors that will ensure every time you use your fireplace; you have nothing to worry about. Call Overland Park Chimney for your as your official chimney inspector.