Chimney Maintenance

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With gas stoves and wood-burning furnaces, a chimney comes in hand. Chimneys are usually long and vertical openings that allow smoke and soot to dissipate into the air.

The chimneys are located on the roof or, at times, the walls of a building. They allow the combusting gases to escape while dissipating the smoke coming from every burning source of fuel.

By evacuating the smoke, the chimneys ensure a clean environment for the people living in the house, which in turn results in healthier living. Combusting gases tend to produce dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, which can cause health complications. 

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Chimney maintenance comes in handy as the chimney needs to be kept free from excess soot caused by wood burning. Chimneys also require regular inspections and repairs to prevent accidents such as chimney fires. At Overland Park Chimney, KS avail chimney services that provide the best package while ensuring better living. Chimneys are needed for comfortable living space; here are some of the available Overland Park Chimney services.

Chimney Inspection

Overland Park Chimney offers chimney inspection services to ensure safety, and the chimney functions well as required. We offer these services to ensure we can unearth problems with the chimney, detect issues with the chimney, and even protect animals from entering the chimney. We also perform other damages, such as broken bricks. We offer quality and standard inspection services to ensure that chimney works efficiently and effectively.

Chimney cleaning

After we offer inspection services, Overland Park chimney provides cleaning services. In the case of particles blocking the chimney, we remove everything through cleaning and performing thorough chimney maintenance. We clean chimneys, thus eliminating dirt and soot that builds up as a result of burning wood or gas stoves. When chimneys lack a proper top, leaves and animals tend to find their way in the chimney blocking the passage for gases. In the case of such scenarios, we offer chimney cleaning services at affordable prices.

Repair services

For cracks, peeling, and loose roofing, Overland Park Chimney offers these repair services. They only happen when chimney maintenance is neglected and can be costlier compared to maintenance service. We over chimney repairs at cheaper and affordable repair services.

Chimney sweeping

Chimney sweeping ensures the chimney is kept clean by sweeping. This is acquired through the removal of soot brought by burning wood and dirt removal. Overland Park Chimney offers friendly sweeping services without leaving any trace of dirt in your house. Chimney sweeping should be done as many times as possible. We deliver comprehensive sweeping services leaving no spot or any part of the chimney unturned. The gas stove requires minimal sweeping as compared to wood-burning chimneys where we can do the cleaning for both within the shortest time possible.

Chimney installation

Whenever you raise a building, premises, commercial premises, restaurants, school kitchens, and more, you will need to install new Chimneys that allow any form of smoke to escape. Whether it’s a chimney for your home kitchen, restaurant, or any structural chimney, we at Overland Park Chimney ensure that we install the most versatile chimney that compliments your construction. We provide that we introduce the most reliable kitchen for a healthy and clean environment without any form of smoke.

Gas stove and wood-burning inserts installations

Depending on the gas fuel that your gas stove uses, you find that the gas stove also releases minimal smoke to the environment, and that requires you to have a chimney too. Our professionals have the necessary skills and expertise to perform chimney maintenance services for your gas stove any time that you want. Your gas stove may also develop issues that involve combustion, chimney ar some complications on several components, thus lowering the performance. In such a scenario, you only need to contact us at Overland Park Chimney, where we send our professionals to your premises to send our professionals to your premises for maintenance, gas stove installation, or repair.

Wood burning inserts installation and maintenance

Whenever you want unmatched wood-burning inserts that perfectly fit into your current fireplace, then you can contact us right away. We can install the most reliable wood-burning insert that will ultimately burn the wood to completion for maximum warmth inside your home. We fit and repair the wood-burning inserts in such a way that it directs all the smoke towards the chimney for clean and comfortable indoors. We also perform the repairs and chimney maintenance on wood-burning inserts.


You realize that its chimneys, wood-burning inserts, and gas stoves develop some issues where you need to call an expert who can inspect and repair the problems with any of the three. At Overland Park Chimney, we have a team of experts with exclusive expertise in all three components. We can perform a unique inspection, troubleshoot the underlying problems, perform maintenance routine repair, or install a whole new system for you where necessary.


Once you decide that you need the most reliable Chimney, Gas stove, or wood-burning inserts, then we have a wide range of choices for you. From a traditional, contemporary, and modern design outlook, we can deliver a custom design that complements your home, indoors, or premises. We have the most exquisite designs that provide maximum warmth while promoting elite levels of ambiance and nostalgic sensation to improve the decor and value of your home or premises.

Gas Stove Chimney Services

Just like burning wood chimneys, gas stove chimney requires maintenance, inspection, and repairs regularly. Gas stoves produce carbon monoxide exhaust, which must be safely vented using a chimney. We recommend servicing for gas stoves chimney annually. Overland Park Chimney offers chimney gas liner replacement. We also provide gas furnace maintenance.

Dryer Vent cleaning

Overland Park Chimney offers certified dryer vent cleaners and full-service chimney maintenance to ensure vents are dry and clean. We offer dryer vent cleaning services to ensure no energy wastage, prevent fire hazards, and ensure the vent dryer has a longer life span. We also recommend regular inspections and cleaning of the dryer vent to diagnose any issues and perform immediate repairs.

Gas Fireplaces

Chimney maintenance is key to the safety and efficient functioning of chimneys. Houses fitted with chimneys offer comfort due to the heating service they provide to people living in such homes. Gas stoves and wood-burning require chimney maintenance services. At Overland Park Chimney, we offer the essential services needed for chimney maintenance. We provide affordable services for everyone and ensure our clients get what they want. With the services we offer, we secure longevity in life for your chimney. We have certified workers and facilities. We make sure to avail of our services when needed, all you have to do is to consult Overland Park Chimney Services, KS. Don’t hesitate to call our customer care for consultation or any bookings for our services.

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On a cold night in your home, the fireplace brings warmth and comfort. However, as homeowners, it is vital for us to never take this comfort and safety for granted. Always ensure that that your chimney goes through all the levels of inspections to avoid any safety or costly problems that you would have experienced in case this was not done. At Overland Park Chimneys, we have certified chimney inspectors that will ensure every time you use your fireplace; you have nothing to worry about. Call Overland Park Chimney for your as your official chimney inspector.